HYTORC of Texas 2015
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HYTORC Trained

LEVEL 1   Green Card

LEVEL 2   Red Card

LEVEL 3   Blue Card

LEVEL 4   Silver Card

LEVEL 5   Gold Card

Level 1:  (Green Card) Knows basic operation of square drive, inline tool, pneumatic tool, and hydraulic pump. Must have on the job supervision from level three or higher. Level one will require a written test for qualification completion.
Level 3:  (Blue Card) Has advanced experience in running torque tools. Level 3 training includes learning the supervisory skills to be able to run a job without supervision and leading a bolting crew on the job site.  It also will teach you advanced safety skills. Level 3 also includes training on tensioners, nut splitters, flange spreaders, flange alignment tools, impact tools, and hand torque wrenches.  Level 3 will require a written test for completion.
Level 2:  (Red Card) Has received advanced training in running torque tools. Level 2 training includes learning all the different models of HYTORC tools and the differences and advantages of one HYTORC tool over another.  Level 2  also touches on the differences  between HYTORC and our competitors tools. Level 2 also includes training on reading torque charts, bolt-load charts, and the differences in studs, bolts, and fasteners.  Level 2 will require a written test for completion.
Level 4:  (Silver Card) Responsible for job setup, operation and supervision of bolting crew.   Level 4 will learn equipment troubleshooting and how to do simple repairs in the field.  Level 4 will have a basic understanding of all paperwork required for recordkeeping for employees and paperwork required  to document the job.  Level 4 will be the start of OSHA and ASME training Level 4 will require a written test for completion.
Level 5:  (Gold Card) This level is earned by having five years experience at Level 4, completion of the OSHA and ASME courses and passing a 100 question proficiency test.